Stellar Sovereigns is an indie developed 4X space strategy game under development for PC. It has turn based empire management and real time combat elements.

It is a game where the player gets to control its forces in combat during space battles and planetary invasions, in ways kin to traditional RTS games; and expand its empire in a turn based manner from a grand strategic point of view.

Stellar Sovereigns will feature running your empire by funding its colonies’ industries (husing, infrastructural, RND, military, social), managing goods and resource allocation, deciding over researching technologies, designing custom fleets, commanding fleet operations, running intelligence gathering missions and maintaining interstellar relations.   

procedural solar systems

solar systems & celestial objects

The solar systems of Stellar Sovereigns are procedurally generated from a set of celestial objects like planets, moons, gas giants, comets and asteroids. A 3D Solar System View is used to visualise the content of these systems to view and to  provide the scenery for real time space battles.

A feature of this 3D Solar System View is that it has a 360 view of the star-cluster from the perspective of the solar system, showcasing the stellar nursery from within as well as all the local star chart elements. 

The game has 10 different planet types representing a set of planetary conditions with opportunists to exploit and difficulties to overcome for prospective colonies.

Asteroids of the solar systems has deposits of varying quantity and type of extractable resources used mainly in space based structural constructions such as ships and stations of all kind.


epic space battles

Tactical Space combat in Stellar Sovereigns has many aspects for the player to control, from the basics of manoeuvring and targeting there’s also power management of all ship systems; engines, shield, sensor, jamming and of course weapons.

“… others like support and offensive abilities such as micro jump drive, missile barrage and ultimate capital ship weapons are in the works.”



A fleet in Stellar Sovereigns is an indivisible unit of a mobile space force which is structurally made up of a single capital sized warship and two of its’ destroyer sized escorts.

The vessels of a fleet is built from a repository of blueprints, with each having distinguishing stats and abilities beside their visual appearance, as well as a number of weapon and support module slots for the player to customise.

The game will offer a wide range of vessel blueprints  and a selection of weapon and support  technologies.

The vessels of Stellar Sovereigns are designed to be versatile, tough and through the use of the power management system capable to adapt their strategy by focusing power to different subsystems:
  • Engine for speed
  • Shield for protection
  • Sensor for detection
  • Jammer for jamming targeting


planetary invasions

Planetary invasion is an event that takes place on the planet surface. The invasion is conducted by the ground forces carried onboard of capital sized vessels. These forces can be deployed via drop pods  outside of the defensive perimeter of the colony at any time during battle. Each capital ship has a number of carrying capacity and each capacity contains a deployable infantry battalion, an armored squadron and an atmospheric craft. Capital ships may also carry deployable  support equipments such as a local shield generator to provide temporary shelter for ground troops.

Defenders of the colony consist of the garrisoned local militia and an array of automated weapon turrets. The 3D holographic representation of the colony is surrounded by walls and protected by a force shield dome against orbital bombardment. The defenders are also supported by tactical ballistic missiles  that can be launched  on command against ground target locations causing damage to all units in the detonation area.

The goal of the invaders is to force capitulation of the colony, in the face of devastating orbital bombardment by reaching the centrum of the colony to destroy the shield generator. The goal of the defenders in contrast is to stop them from disabling the shield dome by wiping them out or at least delay them till friendly forces can reach the system and contest the planetary orbit eliminating the invaders ability to continue their assault against the surface.