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Stellar Sovereigns

Welcome! My name is Zoltan Borbas, i am the sole developer of the Stellar Sovereigns project  an ambitious 4X space strategy game. It is a space 4X game where the player starts with a single planet of a solar system located in a stellar nursery a region of space filled with gaseous nebulae and protostars, a place where stars born. In this miraculous space where the player must find ways to expand its empire, to exploit the riches that explores, and extremine all who oppose them.

The key feature of Stellar Sovereigns is its real time approach toward battles while maintaining a turn based gameplay concerning empire management. Space battles and planetary invasions are both played in real-time between grand strategic turns. Each battle has a certain amount of time allowed per turn and they may persist through multiple turns. Battles may be reinforced by nearby forces and or by forces rerouted toward the battle location.

Stellar Sovereigns scenery is a stellar nursery a nebula full of star systems. It is a volumetric environment with a star chart of its systems in 3D space. Each game begins with the procedural generation of its layout, that the player may control by changing its dimensions, the distribution of star systems, the distance between them and the ways of their generation; centered, clustered or random. The player may also select a home system or leave its starting location for chance.

The solar systems of Stellar Sovereigns are the place of coveted resources and colonization candidates. The systems are also procedurally generated from a set of celestial bodies and placed in a semi 3D space around their local star. At present development it has 10 different planet types representing a set of planetary conditions, with opportunists to exploit and difficulties to overcome for prospective colonies. Everything from a hellish hot Volcanic planet till the dry cold Arid planets. All may serve as a prospect for colonisation.

The space battles system of Stellar Sovereigns is a kin to traditional RTS combat, where the player commands its forces by selecting and ordering them around with the additional feature of controlling ship systems through power management controls. Ship’s reactor generates power, replenishing the ship’s power reserve capacity, which is then depleted by the power use of each active weapon and subsystem. The player gets to set the ratio of power allowed for each system giving a true meaning to such sci-fi frases like:

“All power to weapons!”
“Full power to shields!”

Planetary invasions is another RTS feature of Stellar Sovereigns featuring drop pod delivered invasion forces onto a patch of planetary terrain surrounding the 3D holographic representation of a colony protected by walls, automated defense installations, local militia and a forceshield dome. Invading forces may deploy in 360 degree outside the colony perimeter and assault any section of its wall. The goal of the invaders is  to force capitulation in the face of devastating orbital bombardment by reaching the centrum of the colony to destroy the shield generator.

At the current development stage the game is made up of the Star Chart, the Solar System view coupled with the space battle system including AI; and the set of 10 planetary surfaces with procedurally generated colony as well as the working planetary invasion system with AI integration. The cross integration of these systems is on its way along side of additional features for tactical space combat like active and passive abilities, more visual effects and a pallet of new fleet wide controls. Which is then followed by upcoming empire management systems like colony management/resource distribution, ship design/retrofitting, research, intelligence gathering, diplomacy/trading etc.

There is a long road ahead, that is why i created this website and the accompanying social media accounts to keep you all informed about progress and development. I will post dev diaries with more details on existing and upcoming features here and links on all social media platforms as often as i can and plan to keep you all informed with screenshots and videos on a regular bases.

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